Top 4 Futuristic Meal Planning Applications for Busy People


Healthy eating has become so complicated that you need a nutrition degree and lots of spare time to get it right — which most of us don’t have. The good news is that you don’t have to manually plan your meals any more as you can get a robot assistant or app to plan this part of your life for you. These apps are known as automated meal planners and I have featured 4 of the best ones below.

1.Cooksmarts. This is more than just a meal-planning app, it’s actually a meal planning service. This system will plan your meals for you each week, so you no longer have to waste time thinking about what you have for dinner. Every week the system will send you a new meal plan with cooking recipe and preparation instructions: dinners will be balanced, healthy and can be gluten free, paleo or vegetarian. It will also produce a grocery list that you can print or email and which will make your shopping more efficient as there’ll be less impulse buying and you’ll have a ready prepared shopping list. This is a subscription service, costing between $6 and $8 a month. This is an automated meal planner and shopping system. Each week you will receive a weekly box of healthy ingredients, 7 recipes including detailed preparation instructions. You no longer need to plan your shop or do the shop as this system automates that for you. You just need to do the cooking. They have a classic, veggie and family meal plan. As you can imagine there is a emphasise on fresh fruit and veg and appropriate portion sizes. As you can also imagine, this is not free and prices start at about £5 a meal. This is an automated meal-planner and shopping system that creates personalized meal plans , according to food preferences, budgets and schedules. It automatically outputs daily recipes, weekly grocery list and delivers your ingredients to your doorstep, as long as you pay of course. This is a ‘military grade’ meal planner aimed at nutritionists, elite athletes etc…, enabling you to plan your nutrient intake down to an amino acid-level of detail. It can design the perfect meal plan for your body type and it also provide meal preparation summaries, saving you time in the kitchen. As well as developing a meal plan it can generate automated grocery lists that will save you money.

There’s is no doubt that these are all great systems, but if you really want to automate your nutrition and can’t afford servants, the hellofresh system is the closest you will get to full automation of your meal planning.

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