Top 5 Futuristic Fully Automated Hiring Robots You Can Use Today


We are approaching the time where robots will be able to make better hiring decisions than humans. At low-levels of the job hierarchy we have seem the first evidence of a robot automated hiring system outperforming humans and actually taking over from human recruiters.

This happened at Xerox, a Fortune 500 company, who had suffered from high turnover rates in their call-center division. In 2012 Xerox handed over it’s entire 50,000 employee strong call-center hiring process to an algorithm, (disembodied hiring robot), which through the application of a psychometric/personality test to all applicants was able to decide with superior reliability to humans who the most reliable, loyal applicants would be. After a 6 month trial of this new system, Xerox cut their attrition rates by a half and have now handed over hiring for their 50,000 call center jobs to a hiring robots.

Here are My Top 5 Futuristic Fully Automated Hiring Robots You Can Use Today

1. Evolv By Cornerstone. Evolv have since been bought out by Cornerstone. Evolv were the company who created the Xerox hiring robot, and so they certainly have the capability to build a similar hiring algorithm/robot for you. You’ll probably have to pay for the nose for this, meaning it probably has a high barrier to entry, which means it is probably suited to Enterprises who will generate a larger ROI to offset the initial outlay. In January this year, Covocate launched their fully automated dynamic candidate screening system. Studies show that 89% of new hire failures are down to a lack of cultural fit and not technical knowledge, so Covocate built a cultural fit test called their ‘Synth Algorithm’ which will automatically screen and rank your candidates based on their cultural fit. The synth algorithm will provide you with your star candidate.

3.Hackerrank has it’s own active community of over 1 million developers, apparently, who regularly do on site coding challenges. After signing up, the hiring manager can select a code challenge from the library or build their own and pick a language which the challenge can be solved in. You can post your challenge and wait for the developers to complete the challenge and you’ll soon have a list of qualified candidates delivered in rank order. You could then choose to combine this with covocate above to ensure you choose the candidate with the best emotional intelligence and personality.

4.Hireology. This is perhaps the only end-to-end off the shelf near fully automated hiring system out there. Through this platform you can prepare job descriptions, advertise, screen, select, reference, verify and on-board. The system automatically sends out a pre-screen survey to applicants to assess their potential fit, and provides a ranked list. It can organize interviews for you via the system and suggests comprehensive interview guides for each position. There are skills tests included in the system that can automatically scored and be sent too. It will also automate referencing and certificate verification. and contact candidates directly with questions and information requests. Automated Interview Scheduling. I can’t believe more people aren’t offering this because as a HR professional I can tell you this is perhaps one of the most mind-numbing HR tasks out there. This system allows your candidates to self-schedule their interview time based on your manager’s schedule. This can be used as a standalone technology or can be synchronized with your desk top calendar.

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